Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor Day, My New Favorite Day

I have had an received an acceptance for publication to Leaf Garden Press, which is an Online and Print Publication. This is one of several acceptance letters I received today, 4 in total. I have been working on my writing for some time without luck, but as of today I feel that is changing.
Being a writer is not easy, hell, I often don’t think of myself as a writer, my wife is very supportive, and I have had the support of my friends, which combined has kept me working on both my writing and my painting.
Leaf Garden Press can be found online at and I encourage you, if you have a blogger account to follow their publications.
My writing will be published in Issue 12 is due out in November of this year, The publication will be in print and online, so look for it.
To all of you who have supported me, again, thank you.

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