Friday, September 03, 2010


I was sitting here writing other entries, and I thought of what is most important to me, I thought of all the people in my life, My Wife, My Kids and Family, very important, yes… but what of the family members that are not birth related. Many people have extended family, not just in-laws or ex spouses that are still close, or even the distant cousin you only see at thanksgiving and xmass, but friends that are more than friends, friends that have become more than childhood friends and buddies, I took the time to think of all the people who have touched my life and I have 7 “Guy” friends that are just as much brothers to me as my own, these are the “Uncles” of my kids, the ones that would come to the hospital and give me a kidney, the ones that would take a bullet for me, and I would do the same. now, 2 of these friends, I don’t have pictures of one friend, Doug Saum or Ken Elseman, But I have Pictures of  John Korsavidis, Richard Gianetti, Chriss Rubino, Jon Frater and Rob Johnson.

These are the guys I laughed with, cried with, they were with me good times and bad, when there were births and deaths, when I flew as high as the sun and fell straight into hell, they kept me alive, even when I felt like I died. So I give you tribute my friends, when we were young we were immortal, and now we are older and maybe wiser, but to me, we are brothers always, I wish you well, and maybe Ill see you in heaven, or in hell, but either way we will never be alone.

So here is my tribute to friendship and to all my friends

rob again

me and rob

jon k old

john K




rich and chriss

rich and rob

rich young


To me, my friends, you are my past, you made my present possible and I hope you will make my future brighter.



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  1. Thank you lord, Im not in any of those.. but a big shout out to all the ones who are! HELLO BOYS!