Thursday, September 02, 2010

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I found this site, ArtBabble, purely by chance. being an artist and writer, I spend some time each day looking for new resources for information and sites to connect to this blog, and I happy to say, with ArtBabble, I found a great resource and a wealth of information, at you will find video and information about what is happening in the art world, as well as in literature and the ability to be connected directly with your peers in art appreciation. I spent some time watching videos and lectures, watching very short, but informative mini-documentaries, which are hosted on site, not a quick link to a server but high quality videos in house, so to speak, now I also find videos on PBS and in the NY Times that have the same production quality, so I would think that if you take the time to check it out you will be just as impressed and interested in connecting to the sites followers.


I would also like to remind everyone about Ovation TV, the site link is , this is another Art oriented site, with its paired television station, it has rejuvenated the art appreciators view of the influential artists of the past, present and the future artists of note. I particularly like the ability to create an online profile and post my artwork and connect with other artists, I have gotten some great feedback on my work and get to see what is going on.

ovation shot

I know it sounds like I am just praising them for the sake of praise, but in actuality, the one thing I want to point out is that these sites really support the arts and don’t ask for a buck with every click, yes they may have sponsors and advertisers, but so do I , if you notice I have advertisements and link backs, hey, got to feed my kids, right?, but with the sites they have done, it is not “ in your face”, and you choose to do what you want, you are not forced to hunt things down or track all over, everything is right up front, concise posting, separated and categorized by style and substance, as well as a feeling that you don’t have to spend al your time sifting through garbage to find the good stuff, and both Ovation and ArtBabble are full of the good stuff. I am not a very good critic, but I know what I like, and I think you may like these sites as well.

ArtBabble | ArtBabble

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  1. I'm looking forward to your interesting posts. It has been a while since you've posted here.