I could never get the hang of speaking about myself in the 3rd person, sounds so presumptuous,  so I could try to speak / write in the first person, but then I may sound like i am bragging, so I will do it this way...... I find that my art, although abstract is speaking from a place deep within, the way I view the world may be skewed, so I guess I am trying to set it upright and easier on my eyes. I am from the abstract school of " if it looks right, it is right" and the paint is always "flowing" I like warm colors and shades of light and dark, it allows me to work with the mood I am in at the time and it reflects that feeling well.

When I work with color, it seems to explode, and it becomes hard to contain in the canvass, I think it is more like the "Kiniption" that lingers inside until I cannot hold it in, I start with shades of warm colors but then "POP" and  "BAM", well you see what I mean.

I would ask that you contact me, let me know what you think, it may give me some insight to what others think of my work :)