Sunday, October 25, 2009

What’s been going on ? Well, some big news now…


Well here is what's going on, and this is just a quick update,…

1. I have found a site to upload my writing, it is called SCRIBD - and this is a great site for finding new works by many writers and some materials that can be for research or study, I suggest you check it out, and here are my links so you can see my works,   and

I am hoping that since there are many publishing companies involved with this site, I may be lucky and find a publisher


Meeting of Minds2. I am having an art exhibit at Costa De Oro Vineyards in November, the day after thanksgiving, my first major showing here in CA in many years, I am working on my paintings and should have all of them ready for the showing. I have a Face book page set up, and I try to update it every day or so, check it out and get the info, tell your friends, it should be great.


One of my paintings: Meeting of the Minds

More pictures on My Face book links below

Note: the face book pages should show info, even if you don't have face book, but if it does not, set up a face book account, it’s free and another great social medium.