Sunday, October 25, 2009

What’s been going on ? Well, some big news now…


Well here is what's going on, and this is just a quick update,…

1. I have found a site to upload my writing, it is called SCRIBD - and this is a great site for finding new works by many writers and some materials that can be for research or study, I suggest you check it out, and here are my links so you can see my works,   and

I am hoping that since there are many publishing companies involved with this site, I may be lucky and find a publisher


Meeting of Minds2. I am having an art exhibit at Costa De Oro Vineyards in November, the day after thanksgiving, my first major showing here in CA in many years, I am working on my paintings and should have all of them ready for the showing. I have a Face book page set up, and I try to update it every day or so, check it out and get the info, tell your friends, it should be great.


One of my paintings: Meeting of the Minds

More pictures on My Face book links below

Note: the face book pages should show info, even if you don't have face book, but if it does not, set up a face book account, it’s free and another great social medium.


  1. Hi Joseph,

    Congrats on all of your new ventures.

    Glad to see you are being very creative:-)


  2. Here it comes, all that work and waiting is about to pay off.

    love ya,
    Linda Blair

  3. Thanks Dan, hey, when you swingin' over again, been too long, I want to show you some of my new paintings, if you have not yet seen the facebook page.

  4. all ways knew that you would make it way to rep. LONG BEACH L.I. BIG UP

    John P Blanco