Friday, November 27, 2009

My Art Show from November 27th, 2009

Well, it started off god, and ended horribly…

I showed up and set up my artwork, set well against a neutral background and well received by the people that showed up early, however as it got darker on the cafe patio the management turned on the exterior lights, only to find out they did not work, it seems that there was a short and nobody told the owner, so he never knew it was not working, so after 5:30 my paintings were in a Bitch black gallery, we wrapped it up when it got so dark and cold on the patio that nobody came outside… what a disappointment, but they asked me to consider doing it again closer to Christmas maybe,… maybe, well it was a good Idea when we started. but boy am I not so happy.

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  1. It's your first show in this town - or in this state, so this is a learning experience. I am sure next time it will go better, because we've learned from this one what we need to do to make this successful.
    Love you,