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John Muir in the New World-AMERICAN MASTERS Documentary on PBS


“John Muir in the New World”


Premieres Apr. 18, 2011, 9-10:30 p.m. ET.

John Muir (portrayed by Howar Weamer) in YosemitePhoto by Bob RoneyCopyright Global Village Media

The American Masters series has brought to light the lifetime works of many people whom were never seeking fame or fortune, just wanting to make a difference in the lives of the world’s people.

The newest of these ground-breaking documentaries is “John Muir in the New World”, as it unfolds to us the life of one man whom would create the beginnings of the environmentalist movement that has saved our world’s natural wonder from ourselves, it also tells us of a person who revels in the glory of nature.

Young Muir

From his humble beginning of working the family farm to being considered “Tour Guide to the President”, John Muir saw the beauty in nature, he looked upon it as having a divine spirit, living and thriving; showing, in words ”the greatness of the creator”.

Unlike some documentaries that could be dry or lifeless, PBS has created an environment where the subjects of the stories live and breathe within the frames of the screen, telling the story in “their own words”. This unique and insightful “point of view” pieces together the life of a great American, an individual that befriends nature and chronicles his life’s work from his experiences and the people in his life- friends, family and contemporaries who in writing and history commemorate his works as a Scientist, Naturalist, Humanitarian and Activist.

John Muir was actively engaged in living his life to a higher purpose, protecting nature and conserving its legacy for all of us. As a founding member of the Sierra Club, he brought about ground breaking legislation that would create Yosemite National Park.

I could go on and on about how impressive this documentary is, but I would spoil the story of the rich tapestry of one man’s life.

This documentary tells a tale of a man on a mission to preserve “Gods Work” and walk within natures marvel. Next time you visit a national park, take your family on tour of a natural preserve or even go camping, remember that it is because of John Muir, and his vision of the world.

Joseph Timmons

Groove Studio One Review Critic

Additional Resources

“John Muir in the New World” won Best Documentary Feature at the Fallbrook Film Festival and Best Cinematography at the Litchfield Hills Film Festival.

“John Muir in the New World” and will stream after the premiere at & will be available on DVD June 28, 2011 from Kultur Films.

Children & Nature Network (C&NN) has developed educational materials for the program, including discussion, literature and activity guides for teachers, family nature clubs, and house parties, during which children, families, friends, and neighbors can watch and discuss the film together and also plan outdoor activities before and after the broadcast.

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