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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Musings of the New Year

Well my friends, it is upon us, a New Year, another chance to do well and make something of what life throws at us. In the past year we have seen much of the ills of the world come to pass and there have been ups and downs. The government has given us reason to question their abilities and the people have taken chances and voted in new blood in hopes to stop the hemorrhaging of the economic wounds. We have seen great minds of our times and entertainers who have given us moments of happiness pass on to the next world. I would like to think that as a society we have many chances during our lives to create great things and become the special people we could be; we can and with hopes, will, become the vision of ourselves that we look to see in the mirror every morning. I would like to impart to you one thought to keep with you as your year progresses…

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, do as thy will and bring harm to none, starting and ending with thy selves.

So often we do not think that what we do not only affects us, as well as those around us. Whatever religion, race or creed you are we are all the same, inside and out, and with that, we are as strong, and as weak, as the person we stand next to or across from.

Be and do well in the year, may 2011 find you everything you desire, bring you joy and happiness, or at least a good deal of dreams come true. Find time to remember what you have lost, so you may find it again, say a prayer for the ones you’ve lost, give love the ones you’ve found, give something back to your community and be that vision of perfection that still exists in your mother’s eye.


Joseph Timmons

Artist, Author, Writer, Journalist and all around strange person that your mother may have warned you about.