Sunday, August 15, 2010


OK, so I did a major post, then chaged templates, big mistake, so I will be making some more re-arangements to this blog so it looks good, please stand by...

Update to my Website… Finally

2010-05-01 00-38-56.797Well hello out there on the funny farm, just want to let you know about all that has been happening in my side of the asylum. I want to let you know that I have update my website, the name has changed, and so has the URL, I changed it to Joseph Timmons: Artist and Author, like my blog on blogger, and the address is now, and it has been changed from an Art Enthusiast site to just a site about me, my artwork and the stuff I enjoy, as well as about artists, writers and people I find interesting. I realized that my prior idea was far too much for me to do alone, and most sites that I was talking about had their own web sites, so why should I do it for free, hmmmmmm.
My website is still being updated regularly and if you go there now, well you may experience some links issues and see that some of the pages are close to barren, but with time and content, it should come together really nice. I am also going to try to get advertisers and sponsors, so I can monetize the site effectively, I have put links to my Zazzle store and Café Press sites, and I hope to ad a shopping cart and make it possible to sell products such as posters and cards of my work. I am also posting direct links to Museums and Theatres, possibly more.
Random April Pics 012I went to Orlando Florida, and met up with my old buddies Rob Johnson and Daniel Shaw, we grew up together in NY, they both moved to Florida some time ago, but while I was in Florida, working for Microsoft, I got an opportunity to see them. Well you know how they say people change to fast and too far, not these guys, yep, a little bit-o-grey, but not much, rob is still the prankster and Daniel is still just as cool and funny as ever, even for an insurance agent, he still has style.

Here is a Photo Album of the Florida Trip, some of the pictures were taken at the Disney World Lego store, WOW I played with Legos, and my kids do now, but these Statues are HUGE and so cool, and the detail is amazing, I found some really great gifts for my family and I even fond a Coffee cup for me, which is my thing, I love Coffee, and I collect Mugs and Cups so it was a Win-Win.
View Florida Trip 2010

Florida Trip 2010

I am waiting for a reply from, they are an Online Art Dealer that carries Art in all sizes and Styles for retail and Designer needs as well as selling to the public, if accepted, they will be my Online representation with exclusive rights to sell my artwork Online, they sell nationally and internationally, so it would be great for them to carry my work, they did an initial response, now I am just waiting for my final approval. I just started, I plan on putting some funny stuff up, if it works, great, if not, oh well. I like to experiment with new stuff, and I seem to make people laugh, so who knows, may work out nice…

I have setup a site on Funny or Die, Will Ferrell's Comedy Site, here is the Website Link,

fun stuff 008
OK, my daughter Vera was brushing my hair and I took the camera, held it upside down and took this pic, did not even phase her, not only did she keep brushing my hair, she wanted me to take more pictures and said she would keep working on my hair until it was perfect………………………. 1 hour later, she gave up, … smart kid.
Well, I am off to smoke a smoke and think a thought, so enjoy my blog and let me know what you think.

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Keep Smiling…, And the world smiles with you     

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