Sunday, December 16, 2012

My thoughts on the Sandy Hook Shooting

I must start by saying that I wish I did not have to write about this horror, but it has only been 2 days since the tragedy and I am already fed up with the platitudes and out pouring of false well wishes and outward miss-direction of causalities. I am not, in any way trying to anger or infuriate, but rather wish well to those affected by this event, and to tell others who would use this as a soap box to shut the hell up !

I am one who spends probably way too much time on Facebook, and I have many friends and followers, as well as follow the online exploits of others. I see so many posts on this and other subjects and I have, until now, held my tongue – but it has gone too far. I saw a post where a person wrote a poem about the children who, through no action of their own or for any reason, died at the hand of a disturbed person, the post went on to say how it was “wonderful that these poor souls were called unto heaven by god, and the lord Jesus would now care for them, and for those who died trying to save them”, this is such a load of bull!

All the miscreants and self-proclaimed voices of the masses on Facebook that would use this to preach of God and of how we should no fear the government would use this to take away our guns, or that it is the fault of the Gays or other “heathens” YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED! This was not some clandestine act of holy authority, it was not “a good thing”, and this is an abomination, a horror of outrageous proportion. The children of Sandy Hook lost their lives, teachers lost their lives, people died long before their time. God did not “Call them home” a highly disturbed individual decided he wanted to do something vile, and to try to say “he was sick”, no sick is having a clod, or having and illness and being under some treatment, this person was deranged, killed their own parent and then killed others who left behind a world that will now never know what great things they would have done and families that will never get past this or ever stop feeling the sorrow of their loss.

Some will now say “oh, now the government will take away our rights” or “the president sheds fake tears” or “if we had so and so in the white house”- get off it! I heard that a group plans to picket the school, a church group will picket the school and hold signs saying “God killed your kids because of the Gays”, how the (explanative) can a church do that? Where is their respect for god? Where their respect for life is that god grants to all.

Writing poems and shedding tears of Facebook love just adds to the lie that is perpetrated, that if we say nice enough things often enough, the pain will go away, tell that to one of the sandy hook parents and you will lose some teeth or using this to further hate or fear will make one no less disturbed than the shooter, and no less vile.

All the news and press are going on and on, forcing everyone involved to relive the day’s events, or “look into the mind of the shooter” or what were his issues or what was done, let’s just accept the fact that there was no good reason and that several children, and those that would protect them died, let us remember them, mourn them and reach out to their loved ones without words of advice, or reason or preaching, let’s just say “ I am so sorry for your loss” or “I wish this never happened to you” or even not say anything, just reach out and hold them close, anything other than try to find something good in all of this, there is no good.


Let their healing begin in silence, let them cry or scream or beat their chests. I was born in NY, in my youth I went to funeral with a friend, it was at a synagogue, the family had lost a uncle in an accident, he was a very good man, his father wept so loud and screamed, he ripped open his shirt and fell forward on the casket and begged god to take him instead, all at once I felt like I wanted to scream and weep and cry out, the rage and the feeling of loss was so great that everyone cried for days following.

I can only imagine what the families of Sandy Hook are feeling now, and I wish I could not.

Let the people of Sandy Hook Mourn and heal, let’s leave them alone, let us let them to their time, shut the mouths of the online demagogy and let the dead rest, let us not raise them up only to cast them further down.

Like if you wish, share if you must, scroll past if you need, but let Sandy hook heal, I beg of you, let us end this cycle of pain and remember the children as their families would, forever alive, forever loved and forever un-martyred.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Monday, August 29, 2011

Vlog Entry

Felt I had to say…… something…

Vlog Entry

Had some fun with this, just felt I needed to do this before going out to work today, so often do things get left unsaid.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lakme Fashion Week Photo Journal


Lakme Fashion Week Photo Journal