Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Up and Coming Trip to Seattle

me at 2 As some of you may know, I work for Microsoft as a Field Support Tech / Trainer, working with many types of people and businesses. I am going to Seattle this coming week for a week long training meeting and I have to say I am very excited and looking forward to this trip.

I am leaving Santa Maria on Monday taking the 6:00 am flight and will be in Seattle by 10:00 am, I will be doing daily entries ( or trying, anyway ) and I will be back Friday. 

I am going to be blogging my adventures and uploading pictures and links to new products and such for both Windows and XBOX, and some about the new Zune HD unit, so to all you geeks out there, this could be good. I have to say that non-geeks may not be to inspired, but then again…..

I am taking my cell camera and my digital camera, will take as many pictures as possible, but I will only post pictures that are not related to any Microsoft Secrets ( no corporate espionage ) and I will be back linking to the new XBOX games stuff that's going to be coming out, but I repeat myself.


My XBOX Gamer Tag


Well, best of luck to you and I’m off to get packed for my trip.

Joseph Timmons

Stark Raving Mad Lunatic from NY, Living in California.. soon to be in Seattle !